25 Real Reasons why it’s Brilliant to Work from Home
11 Aug

25 Real Reasons why it’s Brilliant to Work from Home

More people are working from home and ditching the boss. Find out, 25 Real Reasons why it’s Brilliant to Work from Home.

1. Your Alarm Clock becomes a distant memory

People are jarred awake by an annoying sound of an alarm clock. This sound alone induces stress.

Working from home means that the first sound you hear in the morning are the birds and not a stress-inducing gizmo.


2. Your Work Shoes are Slippers

How many pairs of shoes have you bought for just work? Think of the hundreds if not thousands of dollars you save by working from home. Slippers are also easy to put on.

3. Your Coffee doesn’t spill all over the Dashboard

The first common morning tragedy, after the alarm clock, is the mishandling of coffee and it’s horrible demise on your car’s dashboard.

Sometimes, you consider licking the puddle off the dashboard.


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4. Your Dog doesn’t run after your Car

I knew a three-legged dog once who ran super fast after its owner who had to head off to work.

Don’t ever exercise your dog with your car! Working from home means your dog is as relaxed as you.

5. Do I need to say anything about Bosses?


6. The Mind opens beyond the Cubicle

There’s a world out there that is colored with real color, not the color of the photos you hang on the corkboard in your cubicle of your dream destinations. Get out in the air.


7. Your Online Checks are Direct Deposited.

Working from home usually means online and therefore all the money you get paid is online and can be easily transferred to your bank account.


8. Your Bills are all Paid Online

Same as #7. You’re cool like that.


9. You can Tan by the Pool with your Laptop

Working from home also means working anywhere there’s Internet. Fortunately, every public spot has wifi, which means you can splash your feet and work, or not.

10. You can sleep in.


11. You can work from any Cafe in the World

Again, Laptop and you is all that’s required to make money from anywhere in the world. “Cafe” is for the ladies who love Lattes.


12. The View is better than at your old job

Working from home or anywhere in the world gives you access to, well, the world and what job can beat that view?


13. You Customize your Schedule to Work only 2 hours a Day

You’re the boss, applesauce.


14. You Earn Money by ranting on your Blog

Attraction Marketing is your friend when you are yourself to your followers online. If you’re having a bad hair day, talk about it on your blog and get thousands of supporters!


15. You Earn Money Promoting Products you use and Love

There is nothing better than being a living, breathing endorsement.


16. People Look up to You

Working from home is a feat that many people aspire to. Just the fact that you really do work full-time from home is going to cause some attention.


17. Your Friends are Clueless how you Make Money Online

The tables turn when you prove to all your so-called know-it-all friends that you actually know more when it comes to working from home successfully.


18. Your Income from the internet is Climbing Every Month

You know that the more value you provide on the internet and the longer it stays on the Internet, the more it will be noticed. This means more traffic, more views and more purchases.


19. Your Blog starts Ranking #1 on Google

If you’re a blogger or Content Marketer, you know how important this is!


20. Your Online Marketing is recruiting for you while you Sleep

Having your Brand online is great because it will attract people from all over the world around the clock.

Working from home actually is like working all over the World, because of everyone who uses the internet, you will build relationships globally and interact with them via your blog or website.

21. Your Customers Love You. . .

22. Your following on Social Media retweets you, repins you, Blabs you and whatever.

23. You Sleep without Stress.


24. You have a team or staff building your brand or organization.

Effective business is better with people working together.

Even though you work from home, you might have someone creating graphics for you in France and someone doing your Copywriting in Moscow. Having a core group of devoted staff makes home based Entrepreneurs unstoppable.


25. You Get Residual Income every Month, even when you Don’t work.

In some businesses from home you earn from your entire organization of associates, like in Real Estate, Insurance and Network Marketing.

You can truly earn passive income whether you work or not!