iPowerTeam Project

Client: Bill Walsh


Date: January 2018

Bill Walsh is one of the leading success coaches for small businesses in America.  He came to us with a very strong background in marketing already and had a very diverse portfolio of website resources.  He was looking for a platform that could unite his multi-faceted product offering into one place, thereby making it easier for his memberss (those who promote his services) to share his teachings and live events.  We were able to do this effectively for his business team and increase his web exposure even more than he already enjoyed.

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Because iPowerTeam was already very well-branded and established online and because they had many different website offerings already, we created one cohesive business presentation platform that unified them all.  This empowered iPowerTeam to share Bill Walsh’s unique trainings and events in a platform that encouraged escalating sales activity and social-based referral marketing, giving visitors a starting point to review the many different services of the company. 


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